To Build Or Not To Build?

4-Week Online Class to Help You Build and Operate a Successful Team

MARCH 10, 2020


Do you Struggle with Building Your Team?

You are not sure if it's the right time to start your team?

Do you have difficulties building or expanding your team?

Are you challenged by holding your team accountable?

You can't figure out your ideal team structure?

 Is it hard for you to delegate tasks?

 Are you confused about splits?

If you are considering building a team or you already leading a team that may not be operating at desired profit and functionality this course is for YOU!

Learn how to Build and Run a Successful Real Estate Team

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Team Structures


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Pay Splits


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Leadership Models


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Formats for Meetings


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Business Planning


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Team Support Resources




All classes are live via Zoom

12:00  - 1:00 PM CST

Tue, March 10th
Tue, March 17th
Tue, March 24th
Tue, March 31st

Meet Your Instructor

Kelly Kilmer is an award winning Oklahoma real estate agent and broker with over 20 years of experience in the real estate world, with a wide variety of real estate experience including real estate education, productivity coaching, team leading, investing, general production and rental property management.
Leadership and personal development have always been passions for Kelly, and she has always been educating a encouraging. With an Education degree she was a classroom teacher for 11 years and is a coach and trainer within her real estate company.

Kelly’s world was completely changed around 2010-2011
when she was faced with many hardships including losing a parent to cancer, divorce, and financial ruin yet has come back stronger than ever. It has been her mission since that time to coach, encourage and empower people through good times and difficult times. Whether it’s business or personal, health and wellness or team building, she’s got a strategy and is here to help!

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Steps you need to take to build a Profitable Team 

Building a team isn’t for everybody, but if you get into it with good planning, it will help you to build profitability and grow your real estate business.

Kelly Kilmer laid out the exact steps you need to take to BUILD YOUR ROCKSTAR TEAM!

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