Struggling To Become a Confident Speaker?

The good news is there are some simple steps and principles anyone can master to be outstanding at giving a public speech.

Become a powerful presenter, build a compelling talk and get ready to electrify your audience. If you truly want to take the stage, let's do it!


MARCH 18-19, 2024

DALLAS, TX  |  MARCH 18-19, 2024


Struggling To Become a Confident Speaker?

Learn how present from the moment you write your speech or presentation outline to give an award-winning performance.


Have you ever wanted to speak in front of a live audience? Would you like to look confident and eloquent on stage?



You Can Be A World Class Speaker

Learn the formula to making a powerful presentation:

  • Get your public speaking strategies rocking.
  • Understand the ingredients of a compelling story.
  • Attract your ideal client.
  • Provide value and set yourself apart from the crowd.
  • Uncover your unique message.
  • Sharpen your story's ability to touch people.
  • Design visuals that will inspire.

You'll walk away with the skills and confidence to create any presentation you want.




Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Take The Stage is the live event that gives you the framework for writing and dialing in your perfect talk.


What you will cover

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  • How to identify your presenting strengths and weaknesses
  • How to write and practice your full speech on any topic
  • How to uncover your unique message and attract your ideal client
  • How to sharpen your story's ability to touch people
  • How to design visuals that will inspire
  • How to use body language during your speech
  • How to manage pre-performance anxiety
  • How to engage with your audience
  • Common mistakes and what to do when things go wrong

We will train you on the skills, and take away the stress and anxiety of delivering an amazing talk.

On-site for you during the event:

  • Keynote speaking coaches
  • Hair and make-up artist
  • Professional video and photo team

You will walk away with a Professional Speaker Kit that includes videos and photos of you on stage

You Will Walk Away With


Your Written Down Epic Keynote

We'll teach you how to write a world-class talk that will make an impact both on your audience and your career.

  • The framework of the speech
  • Structure for your talk that it's perfect for every situation
  • List of ingredients of a compelling story 

Your Unique Message 

We'll show you how to identify your unique message and attract your ideal client, so that everyone will be amazed by your poise and confidence when they hear you speak.

  • Knowledge on how to provide value and set yourself apart from the crowd
  • Your ideal client description
  • Your ideal audience description
  • Tips on how to keep your audience engaged

Professional Speaker Kit

Professional video and photography team to capture your brilliance.

  • Makeup crew to make you look your best
  • Professional pictures of you on stage
  • Professional video of your speech


This event is for you if...

  • You have never spoken in front of an audience before and want to learn this skill
  • You've done some speaking gigs and want help getting to the next level. Help you create a great presentation that will move people deeply
  • You want to learn from the best presenters in their field
  • You want to use your biggest asset – You – in your highest impact way



 You should not waste another minute delivering average presentations

When it comes to public speaking, there are two things that matter: your message and your delivery. We'll teach you how to identify what makes YOU uniquely qualified to share your message and how to craft a great talk that will resonate with your audience and help them understand everything you say.
Start taking steps towards becoming great speakers who can take on any challenge with confidence—and inspire others along the way! 

I'm Wayne Salmans

I dedicated my life to developing solutions and strategies that make a significant impact on the quality of people's lives and businesses. In the past decade I have coached and trained over 6,000 entrepreneurs, was one of the top coaches for the #1 coaching company in the world, ranked with the top 1% of Realtors, and voted one of 30 under 30 top Realtors in the nation by Realtor Magazine.

I've spoken at more than 100 events since 2012. From my experience presenting on stage, I've learned the formula to making a powerful presentation and I am thrilled to share it with you at Take The Stage.

When you attend Take the Stage we will teach you how to make your presentations interactive and engaging. You will learn how to create a unique experience that not only educates but also inspires your audience so that they leave inspired and armed with tools they can use immediately in their day-to-day lives.

Do you want to deliver great content and stay connected with your audience?

"We understand that everyone's story is unique — that's why we help uncover yours" - Wayne Salmans

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