The Art of Getting Back Up - Entire Course

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What is the course about?  

The Art of Getting Back Up is for those of us who have had a facedown moments. Whether you’re going through the pain of a deal falling apart, a relationship ending or the death of someone you love, you need a strategy for getting back up. 

Who should take The Art of Getting Back Up? 


What to expect?

This is not a course on philosophy or theory, where we recite motivational quotes. You will learn how to process the events in life that knock you down in a way that makes a failure a one-and-done lifetime lesson. You’ll walk away from this course with a personal restart strategy that not only gets you back up, but has you moving forward as the victor and not the victim.

What do you get out of it?

The 9 steps each of us must take to get back up. Not only to survive but to thrive. Walk away with a clear path to recovering from tough times.

The Art of Getting Back Up is an online video course.

It consists of 9 videos and a workbook:

Step 1: Stop, drop, and use a tool.

Step 2: Get real.

Step 3: Two roads.

Step 4: Feel the pain.

Step 5: Ask great questions.

Step 6: Make the next right decision.

Step 7: What is most personal is most universal.

Step 8: Pour in the good stuff.

Step 9: Giving back.


$97 for the entire course.


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