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Helping Liberate High Achievers to live epic lives

You may be thinking that Level Up is just a typical planning event, but if you could get some of the same tactics that have helped our clients do over 500 transactions in one day, would you attend?

Why are we doing this?

Because it's time to take a step back from the noise and make your goals for the year come true. Because we believe that this could be the year you finally lock in on what it is you really want, and begin to execute on all of your plans for how to get there.

We're not going to waste your time with high-level theory or stories about how other people did it. We're going to dive into EXACTLY how to set your goals, clarify your steps, and build momentum as you work towards making each dream a reality.

Level Up is about taking a day away from the noise and diving into the exact planning process we use with our clients who are doing over 500 transactions.

If you are ready to finally take the leap towards creating a life that makes you proud and excited, WE'RE READY FOR YOU!


What to expect?

Let's make an epic plan for 2022!
We will walk you through the process our bad-ass proven process which we call the Heroic Life Planner.
This event will help bring clarity and motivation to your goals for 2022. Most people dream big and execute small. This event will help you execute the big dreams and live the big life you desire.

Who is this for?

It doesn't matter if you sell mortgages, real estate, insurance, fishing nets, or monster trucks, Level UP is designed to give you the tools to double your income and increase your time with those you love.
This is only for those who really want it all. 


Goal Setting

Team Building

Finding Your Why

Building a Schedule

Getting Clear on Your Priorities

Mindset and Motivation

Social Media and Video


  • Access to a proven path to leveling up the 3 critical areas in your life.
  • Create systems for a shorter more effective week.
  • Strategies to stay in Momentum.
  • Steps to dramatically improve your recovery time.
  • A community of High Achievers, Helping High Achievers.
  • A clear action plan for 2022.
  • The exact business steps to take when you arrive back home.


"Level Up was a great experience for me! It really helped me to sort my mind and figure out which areas in my life needed improvement, then gave me the tools/motivation to actually make those changes! I am excited to utilize what I’ve learned so that next year will be my best year yet!"

Natalie Nieto
VanDyk Mortgage Greenville, MI

"So beyond thankful for the opportunity to be in a round table room full of big thinking movers, shakers, super high achievers, & humble hearted humans. What an absolutely amazing group."

Natalie Coe
Realtor - Broken Arrow, OK

"What an amazing opportunity and blessing it is to be here and be able to hear the voices of the best who have experienced the worst in business and then dominate the game. They don’t quit, they create opportunity, give back, keep things simple, but always thrive because their soul demands it, their families deserve it and the world is starved for it"

Nathan Pershall

"It was time to shake things up. I attended Wayne Salmans Mastermind because I knew I needed to change the course of my life and business, but also knew I needed direction as it was a road I'd never traveled before. What better way to gain massive clarity for your path than to surround yourself with like-minded people who have real life experiences and are completely transparent about what worked for them and what they would do differently. I learned more about myself and my business in those two days than I had learned the entire year before. When you are in that room, there is nowhere to run to avoid doing the "tough stuff." The great thing is, you are surrounded by support to work through it with you! I would recommend ALL of Wayne's live events to anyone looking for massive clarity in life and steps for how to tackle the "big rocks" to get you where you desire to be."

Ashley Goodman
Real Estate Agent - Texarkana, TX

"If you want to Level Up your business, life, and relationships, this is a must-see event. I have been coached by Wayne and did not expect anything less than Great and that's is what the entire room of people got. So much value!!!!!!"

Jeremiah Benson
Signature Real Estate Alaska - Wasilla, AK

"I had the pleasure of attending the Level Up seminar with Wayne Salmans and Anthony Mosley.. WOW!  This event truly was eye opening and provided the much needed clarity to take my business to the next level in 2020!  Thank you to VanDyk Mortgage for bringing in such a dynamic presentation! I have ordered the journal Wayne recommended and I plan to continue on this path to success through Anthony and Wayne’s program.  Leveling up!"

Heather Rus 
First American - Grand Rapids, MI

EVENT SPEAKER for all locations*

(Muskegon and Dayton locations Wayne will present via zoom)


Coach Wayne Salmans

Wayne almost died at the age of 17 which jolted him to get clear on his purpose: To empower people to be all they can be and to help them transform their lives fast.

Wayne has dedicated his life to developing solutions and strategies that make a significant impact on the quality of people's lives and businesses. 

In the past decade he has coached and trained over 5,000 entrepreneurs, was one of the top coaches for the #1 coaching company in the world, ranked with the top 1% of realtors, and voted one of 30 under 30 top Realtors in the nation by Realtor Magazine. 

Wayne has been called many things: The Empowerment Coach, the Entrepreneurs Mentalist, the Heart Coach, an Extreme Results Guy and an Epic Life Strategist. But at the end of the day, his favorite title is Dad.

Wayne’s passion is to empower people like you to actively engage and participate in their own transformation and success to Be Their Own Hero.




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