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Most struggle to find their big why or purpose because they have been given a lot of fluff not the actual tools to figure it out. The reality is you might want to know your big why but have been let down by so many books and people to promise to help you find it only to let you down by not being specific. 

If you have struggled to find your Why I want to put your fears to rest, you weren’t given the actual steps to figure this out and guided through the process.

I remember sitting on the floor struggling trying to make the next right decision in my life and wondering why the heck I couldn’t figure out what my purpose really was at a deep tangible level. 

I was staring at a dozen books wondering why the heck no one had determined the process to crafting this critical piece of our lives. I couldn’t find this process anywhere which set me on a 10-year journey to create this workshop.

My Goal for this course.    The only way to create a fully lived life, one of passion and fulfillment is to live in alignment with your purpose. And the greatest way to discover and craft your purpose is through this live workshop. For me, it was like driving 120 miles an hour with one foot on the brake not knowing if I was going the right way. Once I discovered these steps and wrote out my purpose I was overwhelmed with relief, it was like taking my foot off the brake and getting everything in my life and business headed in the right direction.

False beliefs:

  •     "This is a therapy".  Nope, this is what successful people do.
  •       "Raw and fluffy". Oh heck no.  This is - let’s get right to it and figure it out.
  •      "Takes a long time".   Not if it is done this way and on purpose.


  • You will walk away knowing your purpose.
  • You will have your purpose written down.
  • The power of knowing you're headed in the right direction.
  • Clarity on the next right step.
  • What it will look like to live a  fulfilled life. 


$297 for the entire course.


  • Four video calls. 
  • Big Why Workbook.
  • Free Access to "The Art of Getting Back Up" 10 on-demand videos ($97 value).
  • 1-month free access to The Hero Nation FUEL Coaching ($297 value).
  • Complimentary one-on-one strategy session with a Hero Nation Coach ($250 value).

Those who have never tried to figure out their Big Why, you’ll get to avoid years of struggling to figure out your purpose and be empowered through knowing where your headed and why. 

For those who have tried to figure out your purpose before this will be a breath of fresh as I walk you through the actual steps to figuring this out and you will walk away with massive clarity which will cause you to step into massive momentum.


"After taking the course, it has helped me find my Big Why. I can review it daily so when decisions or opportunities come up I can ask myself will this feed into my Big Why or further away. By having the clarity, I will be able to achieve my goals faster."

Jamie Boling
Real Estate Agent - Topeka, KS


"Wayne Salmans is a force of nature. With an utterly brilliant mind paired perfectly with a humble spirit, Wayne blows the doors off every excuse, every fear, and every limited belief that keep his clients from otherwise living their perfect life. He's good humored, empathetic, and honest, a champion for the individual businesses of all his clients, as well as an advocate for all of their families. His passion for empowering others is unparalleled, yet his heart and soul belong strictly and solely to his wife and kids. The Real Estate Industry as a whole, and speaking for myself, my business in particular, are better for Wayne's efforts. I am encouraged and challenged with every video, every phone call, every story. I am spurred on by Wayne's energy, interest and pouring into our community. Thanks again for making more scales fall from my eyes, Wayne. I count it my privilege to work with you and look forward to another session soon."

Janet Jarvis
Real Estate Agent - Strongsville, OH


"Without focus, life is just random activity, and without knowing your Big Why there is no clear focus. Determining your Big Why isn't about great answers, it's about great questions! Without a doubt, Wayne is one of the premier question crafters you will ever encounter! Priceless!"

Chris Diana
Real Estate Agent in Champaign, IL


"I have taken it and it helped me in a big big way... I was struggling digging 5 levels deep for my big why.... That class help my mindset and focus to my daily drive... The best part is the days that I'm struggling with motivation I go back to the real big why that I discovered to keep pushing forward."

Tyler Richards0n
Sr. Mortgage Consultant


Wayne Salmans

Wayne almost died at the age of 17 which jolted him to get clear on his purpose, “to empower people to be all they can be, to help them transform their lives fast.”  

Wayne has dedicated his life to developing solutions and strategies that make a significant impact on the quality of people's lives and businesses. 

In the past decade he has coached and trained over 5,000 entrepreneurs, was one of the top coaches for the #1 coaching company in the world, ranked with the top 1% of realtors, and voted one of 30 under 30 top Realtors in the nation by Realtor Magazine. 

Wayne has been called many things: The Empowerment Coach, the Entrepreneurs Mentalist, the Heart Coach, an Extreme Results guy and an Epic Life Strategist. But at the end of the day, his favorite title is Dad.

When he is not writing, coaching or speaking you will find him rolling around on the floor playing Legos with his 5 kids and laughing with his beautiful wife.  

Wayne’s passion is to empower people like you to actively engage and participate in their own transformation and success to Be Their Own Hero.


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