Leadership during Coronavirus

leadership Mar 24, 2020
As we sit here there are over 380,000 cases of the Corona Virus reported around the world.
The question is how will you respond? Will you be a Leader or a Freaker? 
Yes, there will be struggles. Yes, you should expect change. And yes, there may be outright chaos. These circumstances can be viewed as negative pressures, or you can join the small group of us that choose to see trials as a catalyst for progress.

Nick Good - I am preparing our agents. I am preparing my agents as if we are entering a recession -- we need to make sure we take our lead generation to a whole new level.
let's show buyers and sellers why now is that perfect storm to take advantage of this volatile market -- interest rates are stupid low -- so if you're a first-time buyer you have major purchasing power –
if you are a homeowner that doesn't want to sell then they should get with our preferred lender to do a refinance (maybe even a cashout to pay off debt) –
if they want to sell and capture their equity gain do they want to purchase or do they want to rent for a year or 2 to see how the market/economy plays out.
Alyssa Hellman - Talk about the opportunity vs. the outcry.
Help people understand what they can leverage for a great deal!
Keep doubled down on your foundational business practice.
Spread care and compassion by being helpful at open houses providing hand sanitizer and wiping down sign in surfaces.
And talk about rates. Money is almost free right now.
Brandon Green - Double down on managing distractions during business development hours.
Make it a Covid-19 free zone from 8-12.
Seriously, no discussion about it, no reading about it, no tweeting about it. Build the bunker around you required to advance your goals proactively. And enlist support from those around you.

What I’m not doing is canceling or pulling back on my activities.
What I’m not doing is buying extra supplies of anything.
What I’m not doing is looking at anyone who sneezes with suspicion.
Jeff Dousharm - One thing would be:
Stop talking about things as if this is specific to this virus.
The whole CDC/WHO protocol is about washing your hands, sanitizing, not touching your face....you know things that you should ALREADY be doing - especially during FLU season which kills far more people and is responsible for dropping work productivity.
Put out hand sanitizer for others for convenience, but don't turn into Chicken Little running around telling everyone the sky is falling. Staff members on my teams are not allowed to put out more BS about this to fear monger....the media is doing plenty of that.
Just focus on what we can and do control in general vs acting like it's different just because a new label was invented for something.
And by the way, the FED is prob gonna drop another 1/2 point again.....this is going to be a feeding frenzy for those who are in the right position and not hiding in their anti-germ bubbles.
Bill Hart - Control what you can control. There is NO NEED to panic.
Lived through Y2K, Swine flu , 2008 etc.
Head down. Focus on CAPACITY and relationships. This is a spectacular opportunity to take more ground.
Let your competition freak out. Step up your game; personally, as a team or as an organization.

Bottom line:
  • You are a self fulfilling prophecy.
  • Set the tone of your team and your conversations.
  • Look for opportunities.
  • Remember if you can survive all this other stuff you have a good chance at making it thought this.
  • Keep Calm and carry on.
  • Leaders and freakers.
  • What can you control what can you not control.

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by Wayne Salmans


Wayne Salmans is an author, speaker and business coach. In the past decade he has coached and trained over 5,000 entrepreneurs, awarded 30 under 30 by Realtor Magazine, and ranked one of the top coaches in the world. He passion is to help real estate business owners build, grow and scale their business, faster and with less bruises. www.TheHeroNation.com

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