Realtors! It's time to LEVEL UP your Sales.

If you want to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY WITHOUT BUYING A SINGLE LEAD, this course is for you. Wayne Salmans goes over specific tools and strategies to help you double your transactions.

We know what it takes to succeed as a Real Estate agent…and that’s what we want you do. In this course we offer  proven tactics and strategies to eliminate rocks and bumps along the way and grow your business.

Get more listings, close more deals, and make more money while having a LIFE you deserve.


8 Steps to 30 Million




Choose Between the Real Estate Edition and Lender Edition.


Time to Level up your Sales. If you want to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY WITHOUT BUYING A SINGLE LEAD, this course is for you. 

$299 Lifetime access

Get Clarity on what you should be doing and on what you should not be doing for your real estate business without wasting your time and money.

Developed and taught by Wayne Salmans, a former Successful Real Estate 30 Under 30 Agent and Keller Williams BOLD Trainer, Wayne blends together his experience and high octane energy to give you the right tools to take your Real Estate Business to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

Designed for both, new and experienced agents to get them to 30 million by using proven strategies and doing stuff that actually works.
It's time to take your business to the next level with "8 Steps to 30 Million".


Real Estate Edition

Designed for Real Estate Agents who want to increase their listings and increase their results without living at the office. Double your sales without buying expensive leads so that you can have the business you have always dreamed of.

Lender Edition

This edition is designed for people who want to work with real estate agents and the real estate industry. Perfect for:

 Lenders, Movers, Real Estate, Marketers, Stagers, Video/Photography.


"Iโ€™ve had the privilege to be privy on multiple occasions to content from Wayne Salmans, and hands-down, he never disappoints: 8 Steps to 30 Million is no different. It is rich in practical application--Itโ€™s tested, tried and true. There are so many nuggets in each segment, that I have to watch and review numerous times to get it all. Wayne Salmans not only delivers great information, but he inspires you to feel like you can take on the world. Heโ€™s refreshingly authentic which helps me to trust him, that what heโ€™s sharing isnโ€™t just a greatly packaged sales pitch. He empowers by providing excellent tools so that instead of fumbling around for years reinventing systems and going through trial and error, thereโ€™s a clear path to success and a well-balanced life. Iโ€™m a huge fan of Wayne for these reasons. He also happens to be a pretty fabulous human being. Youโ€™d be crazy to not invest in this course or anything else that Wayne is affiliated with.ย "

Katie Hajenius
Realtor - Santa Monica, CA


"My team and I are doing eight steps to a million and we absolutely love it. We have definitely implemented some of the ideas and love that we can have quality of life while earning more income based on some of the principles we are using. Highly recommend."

Amy Asivido Christman
Realtor - Vancouver, WA


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What you’re getting with “8 STEPS TO 30 MILLION” course:


 โœ“ Exclusive Lifetime access to the course.
โœ“ Works On Your PC, Mac, Tablet, & Mobile.
โœ“ 8 on-demand videos packed with step by step guides on how to grow your business.
โœ“ A workbook guide.

Step-by-step strategies on how to create successful Real Estate business


โœ“ Understanding Your Why and helping you gain Clarity in your life and business.

โœ“ Build a Predictable Bridge to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

โœ“ How to create Unique Value Proposition for your business.

โœ“ How to grow your database and create relationships for life.

โœ“ Powerful scripts.

โœ“  Time and self-management. How to get more done in less time. Time blocking and leverage.

โœ“ 5 critical decisions that the most successful people make

โœ“ Why tracking your numbers is important.

โœ“  Rejections and Objections.

โœ“ Mastering Lead Follow Up.

โœ“ 5 Steps to get from Aha to a Success.

โœ“ 7 ways to keep momentum.

โœ“ GROW model, power of vocabulary, affirmations, implementation.


Wayne Salmans is an empowerment coach, strategist, and industry leader in business and real estate. He has been called The Real Estate Mentalist, The Heart Coach, and The Extreme Results Guy. Wayne built his business from the ground up, earning his place on the 30 under 30 list in Realtor Magazine. His specialty is helping high achievers gain extreme clarity, a higher income and more sales while leading a full, healthy life at home and in the community.


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